Core Team

Founder & Producer
A Passionate writer turned in to a businessman, who is an optimist with an amazing ability to encourage growth and always keen to take the challenge to the next level. A promising business planner who leads the line of work to massive progress.


Business Head

As the name suggests he is a very energetic and outstanding marketing professional being. He has gained experience from multinational companies, which helped him to bring international standards to our working environment. He is a great team leader, a friend and an advisor.
Graphics & Video Editor
A passionate designer and an experienced hand in concept designing. A professional service provider with a smile and on-time delivery, always appreciated by colleagues and easy to work with
Writer & Analyst
An Enthusiastic writer and she could play with words. Skilful in formulating the content which meets customer expectations. She pays attention to each and every detail to understand the customer point of view which is a great quality of an analyst.

Web Developer & Social Media Manager

UAE based professional web developer who has worked for various companies in Dubai and has dealt with international clients. With experience in designing and developing various responsive web applications and projects using Adobe Creative Suite CS5, jQuery, jQueryUI, ASP.NET, JSP, he exhibits a wide set of skills from design to coding. He is very competent with amazing innovative ideas.

Executive Key Accounts

An avid enthusiastic photographer who loves to learn new things especially about visual media. Very creative and motivated and she loves to meet new people so that she can handle the client in a professional manner.